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Documentaion - Editing functions

FlipMyPhotos provides users with wide array of editing functions, such as cropping, resizing, rotating and red-eye reduction. All of those functions are available from the toolbar on the top of the editor.

Image Editor - Editing
Here is list of all functions:
Cropping - To crop image, simply select an area with your mouse and click the "Crop" button or simply double click inside the selected area.
Image Editor - Editing
Resizing - To resize and image, click on the "Resize" button and select the image size you need. The constrain proportions checkbox makes sure to preserve the same resizing for the height and width.
Rotating - To rotate an image use the following buttons rotate and rotate
Flipping - To flip the photo use the following buttons flip and flip
Sepia - To make the photo sepia use the following button sepia
Red-eye - To remove red-eyes you need to change the image size to 100% (using the button 100% size). Then you need to select the area around an eye and click "Remove red-eye button". After that you can make the image fit in the window again (using the button fit in window).
Adjust image parameters - To adjust brightness, contrast, saturation or hue click on this button adjust brightness, contrast, saturation.
Undo/Redo - Use these buttons to undo or redo your changes undo and redo.
Image size - The "Fit in window" button (fit in window) makes your entire picture fit into the window. "Actual size" (actual size) - show image at its actual size. Scrollbars will be added in case the photo is too big for the editing area.

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