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Three easy steps:
1. Upload photo
2. Use menu bar to modify
3. Download or email
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Rotate & Resize
Reduce Red Eye
Upload Multiple Photos
Many image formats
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Seemlessly reduce the size of your images for emails, Facebook©, MySpace© or other sites
FlipMyPhotos is an easy to use online photo editor. It provides many common features of popular photo editing tools (such as cropping, rotating, red eye reduction, etc.) and all of it from a user friendly web site. Now you don't need to install any complicated software just to crop your photos so you can use it from any computer in the world! It's perfect for editing photos for Facebook©, MySpace© or Flickr©.
One the unique features of FlipMyPhotos is the outstanding performance of the editor window. Another one, missing from other sites is the ability to upload multiple photos at once. The multiple photo upload feature is really easy to use with the ability to select several photos in just a few clicks. You'll be shown a nice progress bar, so you always know how long it'll take to finish uploading images. And of course we have Red Eye Reduction. Now you can easily fix Red Eyes online. Learn how to use red eye reduction.
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